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Contemporary Botanical Illustrations.

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Our studio in rural Washington
Co-founder of Wildflower Graphics
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Lynne Marie Bittner

In the 1986, my wife, Lynne, and I bought a beautiful piece of land along the Battenkill River in Greenwich, New York, and built the house and studio in which I still live and work.  Both, musicians, Lynne was also a visual artist and I was a woodworker, and we started a custom cabinetry business for which Lynne developed design elements. An accomplished watercolor artist,  Lynne began to create an annual Christmas card as a holiday tradition. We decided to formalize Wildflower Graphics as small card company featuring her botanical drawings influenced by the 19th-century Art and Crafts movement. Essentially, Lynne produced  a line drawing and I translated them using varied digital design and printing programs, (at first we encountered a bit of "art cultural resistance" as digital tools for creating art were new and largely mis-understood by the general public). We never looked back and over the next two decades developed our design and product lines. Tragically, Lynn became ill and passed in 2016 (link). With much support from family and friends, I forged ahead with Wildflower Graphics, expanding web presence and continuing with regional arts fairs.

In 2018, I married Jody Cutler, also an artist, as well as an art historian, who has joined me in taking Wildflower Graphics into a new phase (with a similar division of labor).  Branching out from our early stylistic foundations, Jody’s somewhat naturalistic approach to design complements Lynn’s tendency to patterning. For all of us, inspiration has always been carefully looking at plant subjects—the heart and soul of Wildflower Graphics, and a tribute to Lynn’s vision. Our collection includes over sixty flower, vegetable and herb designs, and we are always exploring new prospects in our own backyard and on far-flung travels.   

We produce giclee prints on archival paper, heat-process dye-transfer images on ceramic tiles (hanging trivets) and cork-backed sandstone coasters, and individual blank note cards and boxed sets. 


Richard Bittner, Co-Founder and Proprietor

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